Boutique style hotel only 25
minutes from Gothenburg city, extremely good value for money. Only a few minutes away from the ocean, and 1 minute away from golf course.


New hotel with all the comfort that we need. Very good value for money


Very modern and clean hotel, we loved our stay here. Really nice Café on the first floor where we had breakfast.


A truly outstanding experience! My husband and I had a fabulous 5 nights staying at Soho Hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough! And their website is just great, so easy to use! If I were to recommend a hotel website theme it’d be this one!

Gary Goldman - 2 Nights, King Room

A good hotel with clean rooms and attractive staff, so attractive in fact the room service was a little more than myself and my husband expected! But we have no complaints and we look forward to seeing Tony and John again soon.

Claire and Mike - 1 Night, Standard Room