We are sorry to inform you that we do not accept pets at our hotel.

First check the spam filter, although unusual some emails sometimes end up there. If the room was booked through Booking, Hotels or any other platform please contact there customer service. If you booked through our website or by talking to any of our representatives and didn´t receive a confirmation please contact the hotel for assistance with your booking confirmation.

We do not accept reservations from guests under the age of 18.

You can check in from 15:00.If the room has been cleaned and is ready before 15:00, you may have access to the room earlier. Please request this in a message to us or at the time of the booking and we will do our best to help with early checkin.

The room is yours until 11:00 on your day of departure. If you wish to check out later than 11:00, please contact reception. Please be aware of our additional charge for late check-out.

At Hotell Spekeröd, we make every effort to maintain the privacy and security of our customers when making an online purchase. This includes ensuring that your credit card details and other personal information is properly encrypted and protected.

Does the Hotell Spekeröd website use cookies?

Yes, our website uses cookies.

For exact opening hours, please visit the Espresso House Café page (https://espressohouse.com/coffee-shops/spekerd-dt/) to find information regarding breakfast.

Interested in a corporate agreement with Hotell Spekröd, or have questions about an existing agreement? Please contact us on info@hotellspekerod.se or on 0303-777 330.